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NEW GLO-BUS 2017 - Online Personal Free Guides and Shares from Champions

Real time Personal Support, Free Guides and Shares from Champions for this wonderful game

We can learn a lot from the game during the practice and competition.

Make your time and course more valuable. Do not let lose and disappointed with the low results.

My Team now can support any time, so if you need help, just email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Now, you can get the top and personal support for your game any time.  

BSG Online 2016 October - Winning Guides and Tips 

At the end of the course, your lecturer may require all the groups to make presentations of BSG Online.

There are several samples, good presentations from my classes.

Enjoy and make the good presentations for your Team.

Good luck and success!


BSG Online 2016 October - Winning Guides and Tips 

At the end of each round of the BSG Game, companies are scored, ranked. How can this be done?

Please look at explanation and also guides for improving the rankings year by year. 

Then you will identify what to do to improve the company performance and get to the Top of the Game.



BSG Online 2016 i- Online Practice with Champions

Now, you can join Online BSG Practice with BSG Players and Champions arround the world.

One Year - One Day - You can learn BSG in 10 days, during the time, you can still join your Class Official Game!

This is new, just open from Oct 2016.

Now, you can Practice and apply what you learn into the Official Game of Your course, to get best results.


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